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thats_a_lie's Journal

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Lawlll sub-community of yuuka_the_2nd. Complete crack plz.
acid, acid cake, beating lesto, being losers, bizarro niihan, blind girls, blowing shit up, broken bloody bukkake'd kei, buttsecks, caffiene, candy, captain puppy-torcher, chuck bitches, crack, doing invisible shit, elves, everybody's gay, free cars, full throttle, gum under the counter, gurgling sluts, hating wadi's cock, i ain't no suular, i wanna touch it, i'm a tree, i'm gonna die, jupiter-dave, kei's ass, kitties in your bathtub, kya varick, lemme borrow that top, lying, lying to naefan, making cookie armies, minamoto and cliffs, mittens' radiant presence, mommy's a whore, mr. paco-mumbles-drunkface-crankypants, my apolojaysus, my brother is roy, neurotic spellmasters, penelope, pr0n, prove it, rain dances, ran'nach's wonderful video game, reviving the dead, rping, ryora's hair, sexy-hot, smiling peacefully during sex, spellmasters on my lawn, stanley the turtle, sugar, surprise he loved you, taking animals home, tear-ren-apart beam, that's a lie, the aids cloud, the hellbucket, the suular, the word "convention", tohou's super, touch my sexy, wandering off during sex, weeping like tohou, whoring out auxcino, wtf fujiwara, you're a dick dave, your aids tonight, yuuka's house